Anchovy Studio (초비)

... is an independent apparel and design studio based in Philadelphia. We aim to create thoughtful, meaningful basics with a sense of humor that will stand the test of time.

We are inspired by...

... Korean folk arts, care for the land, everyday practices of life and making, food, history, fashion history, diasporic experiences, pop culture, organic shapes and abstractions.

Our ethos of clothing as a means of freedom in our bodies and presentation is meant to appeal to a wide swath of gender expression.

Slow fashion

One of our core values is slow and intentional fashion. We believe that clothes should be made to last. All elements of our production - from sourcing, to manufacturing, to packaging - are designed with a mind to resilience and circularity.

Culture and Community

Anchovy Studio is an ongoing project. The more we learn through cultural exploration, and the more we share with each other, the richer we all grow. We look forward to challenging our relationships with nature, others, and consumption, as well as sparking joy through the sharing of art and culture.

Our namesake, the anchovy, is humble but mighty, and depends on her community — you!

Drop us a line anytime~ let's grow and swim together~

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