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Anchovy Bucket Hat

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Our bucket hats are inspired by 약리도 (yakrido) paintings, which tell the story of the carp's journey to become a dragon. So say the tales: upstream of swirling currents and a cascading waterfall lies the legendary Dragon Gate. Those brave enough leap towards the sky. With a clap of thunder and lighting, fish tails burn away to reveal a dragon.

Here's our dragon bestie in all the abundance she's manifested for herself: content, well-rested, and quietly scheming next steps. Let them know how fly you are with a bucket hat that makes a statement and keeps the sun out of your eyes while you're working hard to fulfill your dreams.

♫ Anchovy Soundtrack: aespa - Next Level

One size fits all. Wash inside out with like colors. Gentle cycle or hand wash with cold water. No bleach. Hang dry or low temp tumble dry.